The company was founded in 1994 by the hand of Bartolo Intini. Since then, it operated in the market of agrizootecnia. Bartolo led the company with a spirit of continuous search for innovation to reach the highest level of service for its customers, helping them to grow and improve themselves and keeping up with the times.

In 2011, Maurizio, Bartolo's son, started his work in the company. He was immediately fascinated by the work built by his father and followed him with the same business philosophy, based on quality, innovation and service.

The collaboration in research and testing of new cereals and legumes with prestigious Italian and European universities and the CNR of Bari, led the first experimental field of 60,000 square meters in Putignano, where, for six years, varieties and species in the cereal sector and fodder crop are compared each other.

In 2009, efforts concentrated on tritordeum, the new cereal that plans to supplant the "colleagues" most known and it became the best cereal in the world.

An in-depth study, in collaboration with the CNR of Bari, on the adaptability of tritordeum to our territory, started. Today, Intini cultivates tritordeum successfully in Murgia and turns it into flour and high quality semolina, milling only whole grains and following the entire cycle of the production chain.