Intinifood follows with passion and dedication all stages of tritordeum production, thus beginning the 0 Km chain.

Tritordeum plantations are mainly located in the Murgia, paying close attention to distribution areas in which to make their sowings and preferring those lands that have benefited from a good rotation with legumes in order to obtain the best production.

This process allows us, together with the technical specifications of sowing, to get a better quality at harvest.

The process begins by explaining the contacts to our farmers, with all the rules to follow to get the best tritordeum.

During the cultivation stages, we are constantly in contact with our farmers, to give you the best quality.

The harvesting stage is also followed with much attention, since, before starting threshing, some areas are selected to control the degree of humidity, which must not be higher than 12/13%. This will allow an excellent conservation.

Immediately after the harvest, tritordeum grains are selected by special machines that allow us to eliminate the broken grains and all those seeds that have nothing to do with our product.

Finally, we store tritordeum, made from just whole grains in warehouses where it is constantly checked by our staff.