Tritordeum provides nutritional and health benefits and has a low gluten content. It improves intestinal function and helps in the fight against obesity and diabetes. Tritordeum improves cardiovascular health. Lutein, that can be found up to ten times more than the levels found in wheat, is strongly implicated in the maintenance of eye health, having activity against macular degeneration.





Tritordeum contains a quantity of Gluten significantly lower than that of Soft Wheat and Farro (spelt), as measured by tests approved by the Alimentarium Codex Commission.

People who suffer from "non celiac gluten intolerance" find cereals with lower levels of Gluten, such as Kamut or Tritordeum, more digestible than Soft Wheat.


Tritordeum, compared with other cereals, has a higher protein content which aids digestibility.


Tritordeum, compared with other cereals, has a lower starch content, hence carbohydrates.


Tritordeum has a high content of Lutein, a carotenoid with an antioxidant action that protects eyes from macular degeneration and the harmful effects of sunlight.

The Lutein content is at least 6 times higher than the classic wheat bread one.

Moreover, it also helps to protect skin from UV rays.


Tritordeum has a higher dietary fiber content than wheat, mainly arabinoxylans, with positive effects on cardiovascular health.

For this reason, tritordeum-based products can be labeled with the symbol "Keyhole" in whole applications.

In addition, tritordeum has an important content of Fructans, prebiotic action compounds that help keep in good condition the intestinal flora.


Copper and Zinc play a vital role in many bodily functions: cell growth, proper functioning of the immune system and metabolism (with consequences on body weight) and many others.

Whole grains are an essential source of these minerals. Tritordeum contains high quantities of Copper and Zinc.


Phenolic compounds are antioxidants with a protective role against colon cancer. Moreover, they protect skin from UV rays and have an anti-inflammatory action.

Tritordeum contains more phenolic compounds of Soft Wheat and Durum Wheat in its seeds, even more than Spelt, already considered a very healthy cereal.